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YOUR NEW HOME can be the single most important investment you will make - it is where you raise a family and build neighborhood relationships. Bella Vista Homes is committed to delivering your investment.

Bella Vista Homes builds custom quality homes and neighborhoods in the Atlanta metro area. Our company is comprised of a team of dedicated engineers, project managers and design consultants that work with you to ensure the home buying process flows smoothly. We are a proud member of the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and are actively involved in the local Atlanta HBA chapter.

Bella Vista Homes' professional sales staff enhances your home-buying experience with insight and counsel on home designs, architectural and decorating options, contract details, and information on your neighborhood and community.

We understand that you have a choice of many builders to select from - your criteria may include quality of construction, customer satisfaction and assurance, flexibility, scheduling and price. At Bella Vista Homes, we are dedicated to delivering on these five points.

Our goal at Bella Vista Homes is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that if our hard work and dedication makes you a happy customer, you become one of our BEST salespeople - by referring your friends and associates.

Our Quality Assurance Process covers our customers from pre-construction to post-closing. Specifically, the process involves:

  • Pre-Construction: Our customers are guided through the entire building process to answer any questions regarding design features and the construction timetable.
  • Mid-Construction: Prior to drywall installation, a Bella Vista Homes construction professional gives you a guided tour, allowing you to inspect the inner workings of your home, view its quality components, verify optional features you have selected, and ask questions.
  • Pre-Closing: Before your final walk-through, Bella Vista Homes conducts its own quality control check to ensure everything is in proper working order and up to quality standards. Any needed repairs or touch-ups are made and the home is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the Pre-Closing Orientation.
  • Pre-Closing Orientation: When your home is finished, you will be given a room-by-room tour to demonstrate the quality features and operating procedures for all aspects of your home by the builder.
  • Post-Closing: Twelve months after closing, we reiterate our commitment to satisfaction by again taking the time to handle any required warranty work, discuss issues, or answer any questions that you may have.

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